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Why GigHarbor.Com?

These days everyone is a web site designer. And there are hosting services galore. These services can certainly get you online... but there is far more to developing and sustaining a successful business web site than meets the eye.

GigHarbor.Com has been creating, hosting and promoting web sites for Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Pierce and Kitsap County area clients since the early days of the World Wide Web. We have seen many web site designers come and go... and the dot.com bust summarily sent even some of the "big boys" packing. Yet we just keep on keepin' on! Our combination of expertise, customer service and strategic advantages has allowed our business to thrive while others have disappeared.

We are extremely loyal to our clients... and they have returned that loyalty. Many of our clients go back years with us. We are still here for them... doing everything we can to ensure that their web sites are successful.

Of course, we can do more for our local area clients than any other service anywhere. We do it all for you... from web site design, to hosting, to updates and maintenance, to the all-important aspect of driving traffic to your site. With banner ads at our local portals (including GigHarbor.com, KeyPeninsula.Com, AllTacoma, AllSeattle, Puget Sound News, Northwest Music Network, etc.), we can guarantee that your site will not be "lost in cyberspace"... the bane of most web sites. No other web site designer can remotely approach the strategic advantages we can offer our clients!

And rather than charging more for this combination of services... our rates are among the lowest around! Your web site dollars will go further with GigHarbor.Com, by far, than with any other service. Make no mistake, you can be penny-wise and dollar-foolish by going with a cut-rate web site design service... or by trying to do it yourself... or relying on the "helpful" brother-in-law, cousin, kid down the street, the computer "whiz" at work. These people mean well, but they don't know what they don't know. Sooner or later, that approach will backfire on you... and you will end up with a web site that is not as effective as it could have been. We are called on to "rescue" many sites that may look OK, but the coding (behind what you see on-screen) is just a mess.

Our Design Philosophy:
We design web sites that work. As marketing/communications professionals (not computer techies), we attempt to learn as much as we can about your business, then create a site that reflects the objectives and personality of that business. We orient the web site from the perspective of your prospective customers... always asking ourselves through the design phase, "Are we providing what the customer needs from this web site?"

We disdain web site "bells and whistles" that may look flashy, but really just run up your design bill and add little or nothing to your site's effectiveness (and sometimes actually impair the efficiency of your site). We also don't like sites that are too busy... with multiple columns and a myriad of text links... the online equivalent of a flea market. We create sites that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, efficiently address the visitor's needs, and that are coded properly for search engine recognition. Then, in addition to getting a web site that works, we add our exclusive ability to support your site with incoming traffic from our portal sites. In many cases, your free banners at our sites will become your No. 1 source for incoming traffic (whereas most other designers will never send you a single visitor).

We specialize in personal service. We are happy to meet with you at your office, pick up materials, etc. at any time. We are always available to assist with your Internet questions, and we speak plain English, not "tech-talk" like so many other designers.

Let's meet to discuss your project:
For all these reasons... you should be working with GigHarbor.Com

Please give us a call to set up an appointment to come on by. Devote just 30 minutes to compare our services and advantages, and you will realize that the choice is clear: if you are doing business in the Tacoma, Gig Harbor area, you should be working with GigHarbor.Com.

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