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Aren't all web site hosting services about the same?? No Way!!

Your web site hosting service can make a big difference in how successful your web site is. Low-rent hosting services cram as many sites as they can on their servers, and offer you little or no support. Moreover, they will never send you a single qualified customer.

Since 1995, Gig Harbor Online has been Gig Harbor's premium web site host, limiting the number of sites on our servers, running our servers off T-3 lines, and providing a range of services totally unavailable from most hosting businesses, including Banner Ads at our local portals which will drive traffic to your site, guaranteed!

Check out these advantages that our hosting customers receive:

  • $19.00/month rate - Compare with $25-35/mo. with many hosting services.
  • $15.00/month rate available for non-profits, or for multiple domains.
  • Free transfer of your site; with no downtime - Compare to little or no assistance from many ISPs .
  • Unlimited web space - Compare with less than 10MB from many ISPs .
  • Unlimited traffic throughput - Compare with less than 10GB from most ISPs
  • Free assistance with your site (We will get your site up and running; and monthly updates are available free of charge) - Compare with absolutely no help from most services.
  • Tracking tools installed (closely track and analyze your site's traffic) - Compare with simple counters from many ISPs.
  • $20 per year domain registration service - Compare with $35 per year from many hosting services.
  • Banner Ads at our Portals (such as GigHarbor.com, KeyPeninsula.com and AllTacoma.com, where our thousands of monthly visitors will be able to link directly to your site) - This is our HUGE advantage over all other hosting services. . In most cases, your Banner Ads at our portals will become one of the top traffic generators for your site! Yes, more than even the search engines. You must contact us to learn more about this extremely strategic advantage that you will have as a GigHarbor.Com client.

    Compare the quality, customer service, advantages and price with other hosting services and you'll know why GigHarbor.Com is the preferred hosting service for many of your local business neighbors!

    Call us today for more information, or to start the process of getting your web site up and running on Gig Harbor's premier hosting service.

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